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Christmas in July!
Just finished recording a Holiday Song for
Vaneese Thomas that features
Al Orlo, Jon Cobert & Ross Pederson.
The song will be included on
Blue Heart Records'
day album this December.

Michael Carlotto & Mark Berman
have started a new Music Library/TV/Radio/Media
company called
MM Creative Music.
Along with drummer
Karl Latham, I've been recording
tracks for their library every week.
Check it out!


Stay tuned for the release
of these recent recordings:

Vaneese Thomas with
Shawn Pelton on drums

was released on April 15, 2022

** New Video **

Dom Cicchetti with
Dave Weckl & Wes Little on drums

Live Shows Back!

The Ed Palermo Big Band
has returned to

The Iridium in NYC


And we're resuming our bi-monthly shows at
The Falcon in Marlboro, NY


The Ed Palermo Big Band's
latest album is now available.
It features the music of
Edgar Winter and the extraordinary musicians & vocalists:
Vaneese Thomas, Kim Davis, Chrissi Poland,
Rob Paparozzi, Deb Lyons, Keith Fluitt,
Carlos Murguía, Jimmy Leahey and
Robben Ford!!

"I've Got News For You:
The Music of Edgar Winter"

Check it out!


Check out my interview with George Farmer on "The Follow Up", where we discuss subbing
on Broadway's "Mamma Mia"
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