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Favorite Tracks

Ed Palermo Big Band

Vaneese Thomas

Larry Hoppen Band

Nite Sprite

Gear List

Sadowsky 5-string Bass, V-5 PJ, 1999
Fender Jazz Bass, 1965
Fender American Standard Precision Bass, 2008
Pensa 4-string J-Bass
“F” Bass, BN5, 5-string Bass, 2000

NS Design CR Radius Fretless Bass
Philip Kubicki X-Factor Bass, 1985
Kay 3/4-size Double Bass, 1949
Guild B4EMH Acoustic Bass Guitar

Noble Tube DI
Kemper Profiling Amp
Sans Amp Bass Driver/DI
Retrospec Squeeze Box, Tube compressor & active DI
QSC PLX-1804 power amp
Wayne Jones Audio Preamp

Pigtronix Bass Fat Drive pedal
Pigtronix EP2 pedal
Wayne Jones Audio 2x10 Powered Speaker
EBS-Fafner 600W Tube Bass Amp
DBX 160X Compressor
Glockenklang Bass Art Preamp
Bergantino HT-112 & EX-112 cabinets
TC Electronic Chorus/Flanger
EBS OctaBass/EBS Bass IQ
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss SYB-3 Bass Synth Pedal
Renz Technologies Renz Mute, Type I & II
Greenboy fEARless F112 cabinet
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG pedal
Distressor Compressor
DR Strings
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